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  Beyaz Gul Restaurant Menu 2011

Dear guest,

Welcome to our open sky Jazz-Wine-Dine restaurant Beyaz Gul (White Rose).
Our restaurant is the ultimate in outdoor dining since 1989, offering innovative Turkish
traditional cuisine.
Dining is a very special happening in Turkey.
There is enormous variation of dishes and every place in Turkey has its own culinary specialty.
The Turks are very proud of their dishes and the Turkish mouth is very spoiled.
Together with the French and Chinese Kitchen it’s one of the “Grand Cuisines” in the world.
In general the Turkish food is based on a healthy diet, based on fresh fruit and vegetables,
grilled meat and different kind of salads. The dishes are mostly accompanied by yoghurt and sauces.
The National Turkish alcoholic drink is “The Raki”.
It has 45 percentage of alcohol. We have the brand “Yeni Raki”, which is one of the best raki’s in Turkey.

Our beer is Efes. It goes down easy, it’s pretty smooth and at 5% it’s not too strong…
unless you go on the raki after.

Our wines are from the company “Kavaklidere Wines”.
The Kavaklidere wines are produced with exclusive local grapes mostly from Anatolia.
We have very good quality coffee beans from the company “Caffe Poli” which are 100% Arabica.
In Beyaz Gul we use natural spring water to make our coffees.
Dalyan is a paradise where nature and history embrace each other.
After the last page of this menu you can read more about the history of Caunos and the Rock Tombs.
Thanks for visiting us and we wish you a pleasant stay.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: We are open all year round!!!

Afiyet olsun! – Good appetite!


Did you know?
You are sitting at a very special place right now.
What makes a visit to our restaurant so special?
First there is the absolutely gorgeous position.
Across the river with the best view at the rock tombs which are lightened after 19:30.
Beyaz Gul is well known to be the best place to view the rock tombs.
On your left you see the Acropolis Hill and the defensive walls to the NW and N of the site,
350 m in height and remarkably well preserved in parts.
Tombs of Dalyan: The magnificent carvings that have been standing there since the 4’Th
century BC will definitely take your breath away.
The eternal King Tombs have been standing there for over 3200 years against all the harshness of
time and carrying the mysteries of the past to the future.
As you look at the tombs, you get the feeling that the stones have something to say.
The gigantic rocks have been carved in amazing forms.
The tombs which are carved in the rocks, at some points with an angle of 80˚ to the sea,
force the limits of your mind.
According to the archeologists, these tombs are the symbols of wealth and power in the antique
city of Caunos.
In the rock tombs, which were carved in the form of Ionia sanctuary, there are three lines of
stones for the dead to be buried. The Ionian columns that decorate the front side of the monuments
have been destroyed. Only in one of the structures, the glyph of two lions facing each other is an
interesting sight.
These tombs are the resting places of the Kings of Caunos. They are carved in the style of the Lycian
rock tombs. There are 2 types of tombs to be found in Dalyan.
Simple chambers cut into the rock face like a room and more elaborate temple tombs.
Many tombs were built with false walls with valuables behind them so as to mislead robbers,
eventually this was to no avail as all the tombs were emptied of their treasures.
Rock tombs can be seen along the Lycian coast, but the best examples of them are in Dalyan.
These are among the most impressive in all of Turkey.
Dalyan is an area of stunning natural beauty, amongst rivers, lakes, mountains, pine forests and the Mediterrean Sea. Many have described Dalyan as “One of the last corners of paradise”.
Wonderfully unspoiled Dalyan nestles in this fantastic corner of Turkey and is the perfect place for you, to enjoy a relaxing and exotic culture of Mediterranean Turkey. The people are so incredibly friendly; you will probably never want to leave Dalyan or Turkey. “It’s a wonderful Dalyan life”.
Stars such as Dustin Hoffman, Sting and Rod Steward visited Dalyan and perhaps sat in your seat at our lovely restaurant, Beyaz Gul. The filming of the “African Queen” took place here. The movie “African Queen” with Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn in 1951 was filmed in Dalyan.



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