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  Dear Guest,

  Welcome to our Jazz-Wine-Dine Restaurant BeyazGul in Dalyan Turkey.

  Dalyan is a paradise. Many tourists come to Dalyan to enjoy the nature.
  Because that's what Dalyan is all about. Beautiful nature and a very long sandbeach of 7km's.

  Dalyan is surrounded by mountains, rivers, the Koycegiz Lake and the Dalyan river.
  Our restaurant is by the river with the best view at the Lycian Rock Tombs.
  They are lightened after 19:00 and absolutely georgeous to see.
  We don't have Wifi, TV, karaoke, loud music or English breakfast.
  We also don't have waiters standing on our door to pull or hassle you inside.

  Please come in and make yourself at home. All we want for you is to relax and feel
  comfortable. Just find yourself a nice table and let us bring the menu.

  Resmihan Karabulut.

We are open from 08:30 until 24:00. You can come and have a breakfast if you like. A breakfast in Beyaz Gul is different. The river is beautiful in
the morning. Birds are singing and you have a view from the Rock Tombs till the Acropolis Hill of the ancient city of Caunos.
Don't forget to take your camera. Many many people have taken photographs from our pier.

In the evening we have a very good atmosphere for people who want to dine in peace. Tables are not so close to eachother so you won't be
disturbed by other customers. We don't do big groups. Beautifull and easylistening Jazz backgroundmusic. Lights are low and there is no TV!!!
We think a TV absolutely don't belong in a restaurant.

Our Menu is not so big and complicated. Just serving the food we are good at. No more no less. We don't want to serve anything possible.
We just want to serve what we are good at. We have choices for vegetarians what we think is important. And we have choices for the people
who like fish or meat. Great Turkish wine and the best coffee from Italy. Everything is fresh and healthy.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: We are open all year round!!!

I am Akin the son of Resmihan owner of BeyazGul. My mother run the business since 1989 but now I took it over.
My mother is the best but I want to be better so she can be proud of me. BeyazGul is her White Rose.
Also visit our homepage of our Hotel Restaurant where we have lots of pictures and video's.



This is our homepage:

Hope you enjoy and many thanks!


Our Adress: Maras Street no:50 (near the "Sun Ray" bar). For reservations please call: 0252 284 2304 or mail us.



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